“Leaving the house you built and lived in for 64 years is no easy task. Mom and Dad, aged 90 and 92 respectively, decided a condo was the route to go and sold the house they loved. We made the mistake of NOT hiring Gillian for the packing (we highly recommend you get her to do this!!). She did provide the movers, who were terrific, removed the items left at the house and cleaned for the new owners. Her quote was right on target and everything was done with professionalism and compassion. We will definitely use her services again. Thanks Gillian!”

- The Robinson Family


“Downsizing as we moved to a retirement residence was one of the greater challenges we’ve ever undertaken. Fortunately, Gillian Sweeney was up to that challenge. She very shrewdly and appropriately guided us through the painful task of disposing of our many, many lifelong treasures providing invaluable advice and assistance at all the right moments. Gillian gets encore applause from us for all her superior know-how and for diligent cost containment of her fee.”

- Maria and Harley


“Living in BC and trying to deal with all the issues involved in clearing out a home on behalf of a deceased relative in Toronto is a daunting task, but one that was stress free thanks to Gillian’s business. I highly recommend her.”

- Jane Elliot

“Gillian’s service and her compassion for my dad made this move stress free. She encouraged dad to look at the positive of his new home at a senior’s residence. Gillian left no ‘loose ends.’”

- G. Hammond

“My husband and I were faced with moving out of our home that we had for over 54 years. Gillian’s encouragement, can do attitude and compassion made it a pleasant experience for us. We took what we loved and she dealt with the rest. She helped us to look forward and enjoy a new beginning.”

- The Lorne’s