Organizing, decluttering and downsizing

We offer professional downsizing services to make your space more manageable and for ease of relocating. We maintain compassionate objectivity while guiding you and your family through the downsizing process. Maybe you just need a closet or room organized? We are here to help you with any downsizing or decluttering task! We’ll sort belongings so you keep only what you love, use and need.


We take care of everything needed to move out and into a new home.  We arrange and pack all of your belongings, with the objective of making the transition into a new home carefree and organized. We prepare of a floor plan for placement of your belongings and furniture in your new home and determine what will fit before it’s moved. Once you find the right place for you, we’ll help you get unpacked and settled in.

Seeking a retirement residence

We offer a ‘seeking service,’ helping you find the residence that suits you best. Our relationships with various retirement residences and health providers across the GTA and surrounding areas, help us find the perfect fit. We’ll find which spots match your needs and wants, and take you on tours of your top choices.

92541700Home Staging

We provide a home staging service using your belongings to set up your home for showings. By using most of your own furniture, this option is more affordable and makes the process easier and faster than using outside items!

Auction and sale

In addition to organizing and packing, we offer a service to take care of any items that are no longer wanted. The items will be donated, sold or auctioned. We organize and document each step of the process, often providing  a cash return or rebate from sales.


We offer a service to lightly or deep clean homes before or after sale of a new home before moving in. The degree of cleaning is requested and specified by you. A ‘light clean’ might include dusting, mopping and vacuuming or other basic chores. A deep clean might include shampooing carpets, complete bathroom sanitation, etc., or anything more labour intensive or requiring special equipment. We’ll provide you with detailed list of offered services to choose from.


If your current residence needs any handywork done before sale, we hire trusted sub-contractors for anything outside our field of expertise. This includes things like electrical, carpentry, painting and moving.