About Us

Gillian Sweeney, President

Gillian Sweeney, President

Corner Comforts is a local, family-run downsizing business owned and operated by Gillian Sweeney. After working in the corporate world for years and growing tired of it, Gillian took a chance to put her passion to work. She’s always had a soft spot for seniors, starting with her first job in a retirement residence at the age of 15. She decided to channel all the love and compassion she has for those in need in her community and founded a home downsizing business that caters especially to seniors.

Although the senior community is still the focus, since Corner Comforts’ inception, Gillian has found that there are people from all walks of life who need her services too. The company has grown and expanded now serving not only all the needs of our seniors, but also those who are enduring difficult life transitions and those who need help transforming unhealthy home environments into liveable ones.

Gillian’s compassion for what she does makes this business what it is today. It has bloomed across the GTA, while keeping it’s personal, family-run appeal. Gillian is dedicated to helping make life better for her clients.


Whether you need a hand minimizing your belongings to move into a smaller space, someone to rely on to move a loved one into a retirement home, or help dealing with an estate, we are here to help! We’ll take care of all the details for you.